Suggestions for Fulfilling my U.S. Citizen's Pledge:


• Get informed. Information on America's founding principles, how to locate the names of your representatives, how to find the voting records of your representatives, and important current political issues is posted on the US Citizen's Pledge Web site, along with links to other sources of information.

• Take a close look at the most important votes cast by your representatives such as on the Government Healthcare Law, and on tax and government spending laws.

• Start talking to your friends and family about the U.S. Citizen's Pledge and how if enough people make this pledge, regular citizens like us can make a difference in the November election. The Citizen's Pledge is open to all U.S. Citizens regardless of political views, and recognizes the importance of all citizens being informed and active in our government.

• Ask each person to sign the pledge and discuss with them any hesitation they might have. Follow up with an e-mail and send them the link to the U.S. Citizen's Pledge site and to other relevant issues.

• Ask everyone if they are registered to vote and if they plan to vote in November, whether or not they sign the pledge. Become a source of information and motivation for your network of citizens, and see to it that each of these people actually votes.

• Vote by mail and absentee ballots can be used in many cases to overcome voting obstacles.

• Try to bring new voters into system. Some examples are below. Even if you don't personally know these citizens, you can reach them through other citizens in your network and their children, parents or friends.

• Younger citizens who may only recently have become voting age may need some guidance on getting registered and where to find information about the issues.

• Older citizens, especially those in assisted living facilities, may not have registered to vote and may need help becoming active voters.

• Disgruntled citizens who don't believe their vote matters may have given up voting. Use your personal influence and the power of the multiplier effect of the Citizen's Pledge to motivate them.

• Develop a network of your recruits who signed the Citizen's Pledge and of others who have agreed to vote. See to it that each of these people votes.

• You and your network should sign up on the e-mail list of to receive periodic updates leading up to election day.

• Don't give up or feel hopeless when people are not interested. The continued success of our country is solely in the hands of its citizens. The effort to educate and increase participation in the electoral process is a noble effort that will determine what kind of country we pass on to our children.




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